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    Dont know anything about hockey but i heard this kids good

    i just saw this 3 card set on ebay of Malkin and Ovechkin and supposedly the Malkin is autographed it looks real compared to his itg auto. LMk what you guys think

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    I looked at that once and checked beckett and saw no listing and you would think being out for 2 years + these cards would have achieved a listing. I was concerned they were forgeries. Can't be an ovechkin Auto in there as it is worth way more. And alos they are not Certified really........ I would ask NTcards on the site first as he is in Russia and is our local expert on those matters His profile

    or email

    He can best give you a really good opinion...... and if you are looking for Ovechkins or russions stars he is the one to ask.


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    there is no ovechkin auto only the Malkin just realized maybe from 450-500 were auto'd? I think it may be worth the risk but no sure really

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghettokid303
    ttttt...anymore input
    I have some input.......Please resize your banner it's way to large. The max size is 100x300 pixels.

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    tttt.......havent been here in a while anyone got info...i purchased a few sets

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