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    Last Chance at an 05 Exquisite Ronnie Brown Patch /35

    Hey everyone, looking to trade or sell this. Because bvs arent out yet, gotta trade sell value for sell value, or dont know what to do. I want a high end card or 2. Its a 3 color patch. Will get a pic if need be, if the cam decides to work that is. If not traded in a card or cash deal today, it will be thrown on ebay tonight.

  2. Kronozio
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    Lately they have been going in the 55-60 dlvd range. But earlier, more close to the time they came out, they were going in the 70-80 dlvd range. So im gonna go more with nows, and look for somewhere around 55-65 sell value.

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    This will go on ebay soon, should no offers arrive!

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    Hey Chris - I didnt see anything for the Ronnie, but I like these if you can find something for em:
    2003 leaf rookies and stars Kevin Curtis / Nate Burleson #292 24/400
    Kellen winslow Jr. 2004 upperdeck finite rookie fabrics #FFR-KW

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    Jake - Got the 2 Boshs already, but dont mind a 2nd. Kinda Like these:
    03-04 Skybox Autographics Tony parker Auto/Jsy #45/125
    03-04 Ultra Chris Bosh Auto #294/350
    03-04 Authentix Chris Bosh Auto #9/325--has 1/2 inch crease around the auto area
    04-05 SPx Winning Materials Carmelo Anthony/Andre Miller Dual Jsy

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    Rymac - Like the Brady Auto, and kind of the Ben Gordon auto.

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