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Thread: Romlb

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    The only ones I could find at my local athletic stores were 20$. Thanks for the replies.

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    Dicks has them here for 17.99 and Hibbetts sports for 14.99

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    That's pretty normal. The best I've gotten them for is about $140/dozen. There really isn't a wide swing in prices if you shop around a little bit and buy in bulk like that.

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    try card shows as well. many dealers will give a bulk discount.

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    There are never and card shows around Lansing MI. I look but their in Detroit mostly. And the shop where I used to go to get all my cards and such just went out of business. So, I'll be doing a lot more ebay shopping and such.

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    Hey, $12.50 a ROMLB is a darn good price. I haven't seen it lower than that when you have to add S&H plus taxes for Uncle Sam...

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    academy sports is cheapest i have found if you want to pick up in person. around $14 w/cube

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