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Thread: Whats your dream card?

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    Rick Dipietro autographed cast card...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sportfreund View Post
    A set which is all base cards and cheap but it shows the complete career stats year by year of every good NHLer to retire before 2000. That's 500+ players who would be considered good/notable going from 1917-2000.

    However since nothing like this exists, I have to find them from different sets, make them on my own for notable players before the 1950s many of whom never had a card made showing their career stats afterwards, etc.
    I would like to see a huge set that is all base cards and cheap as well!
    I enjoy trying to put sets together.
    Maybe a HHOF set??? Have every player that made the hockey hall of fame with their complete stats.

    If you wanted parallel cards, players who played for multiple teams could have a parallel card with them pictured in the uniform of each team. The more teams they played for the more parallels. However the backs of the cards could be identical. The base card would be the first team the player played on. So Gretzky would have 4 cards. His base card would have him pictured in an oilers' jersey. Then he would have parallel cards with him pictured in LA, St. Louis and Rangers.

    Not having autos or mem would make this cheap to produce. Would others buy it?

    Is this something ITG would be able to make since all the players are retired?

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    Bobby Orr 1966 Topps Rookie that does not have one of the following:

    Creases from Bike Spokes

    Jiffy-Marker or Sharpie Black or Red Afro
    Jiffy-Marker or Sharpie Black Glasses
    Jiffy-Marker or Sharpie Beard
    Jiffy-Marker or Sharpie Mustache
    Jiffy-Marker or Sharpie "Good Player" written somewhere on the card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nyiforce View Post
    rick dipietro autographed cast card...

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    My choice would be an auto set of all living HOFers, all with on-card autos. The set would have some rules:

    1) No SSPs. I want everyone to have a chance to put together the set, not just those with deep pockets.
    2) No parallels, gold versions, die-cut versions, or anything else. There can be a non-auto base set, but no parallels for the autographed cards.
    3) No trying to include deceased players through the use of cut autos.
    4) No stickers.
    5) Cards aren't overly thick, maybe 50-pt.
    6) All cards are licensed, and players are included in the uniform with which they are most commonly associated.
    7) Include not just players, but coaches, builders, etc.

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    This might be a little pricy but I'd love to see a set with with all the members of the triple gold club. A partially gold plated card with a hard signed signature. That would be a dream to have.

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    'Journey Jersey' type card of Bill Ranford. Give me a GU swatch from one of his Oilers, Bruins, Capitals, Lightning, and Red Wings jerseys.
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    Something that of course would never exist, and of course would never be able to afford, but a Tim Horton Cut Auto/Shield Card, wouldnt that be amazing

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    Kevin Shattenkirk Property Of or his Ultimate Rookie auto Shield.
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    Collecting all Blue Jacket cards

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    The cup style rookie card of Ken Dryden.
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    I collect all Montreal Canadien. Hidden Content for player, teams you collect

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