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    RARE High-End Silver Collection Up For Sale

    I have 2 Silver Sets up for sale..
    If you want both, I can let them go for $2700..
    This is WAYYYY Below Spot Silver Price right now.

    #1 - The Franklin Mint Treasury of Presidential Commemorative Medals *** American Express Edition***
    It contains 36 troy ounces of silver in this set.
    I am selling this for less than silver spot price which is $32/oz today.
    I am only wanting just $1100 for this nice collection.
    Please See Photos Below

    #2 - The Official Signers of the Declaration of Independence Medals *** 1st Edition Sterling Silver Proof Set ***
    It contains 56 medals in this set.
    I am selling cheaper than the spot silver price.
    I am only wanting $1800 for this set.
    Please See Photos Below
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    I have some Bo Jackson and Will Clark rookies. Would you consider a trade? Also have some 18V Craftsman cordless drills and two fishing reels.

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