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    Trying to Sell Some Team Lots Very Cheap

    i sorted out my inserts rcs and #ed and now looking to sell them

    the cards will be as cheap as $0.05 a piece

    name the team and I will get you a list and price


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    2009 to present

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    Quote Originally Posted by rtsjr View Post

    2009 to present
    Quote Originally Posted by sportscardrage View Post
    List for the Jaguars please, thanks.
    pm's sent

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaws12 View Post
    Rams please
    Quote Originally Posted by 03cobrakid View Post
    Pats please
    i sent pm's to both of you

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    Bears and vikings
    Hidden Content

    Collecting Bears, also pick up Vikings for fellow traders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctkenjr View Post
    Bears and vikings
    pm coming

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