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Thread: MJ Flea Market Pick Ups FT

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    MJ Flea Market Pick Ups FT

    I picked these up at a flea market today. Paid a fraction of BV. I primarily use MJ cards as trade bait for Kobe cards. I am also looking for 2009-10 Contenders autos 101-135. I need the bigger money cards, Griffin, Harden, Jennings, etc etc.

    I paid $1 for the Kobe and $2 per for the Jordans. The listed BV were consistant with current BV.

    I paid $10 per for these. The listed BV were $60 on the metal and $40 on the SK.
    The metal is actually in very good shape. The SK would probably grade 8-8.5 but for $10 it was worth the money(I don't collect much Jordan so I am hoping to trade these). The SK cards I would be looking for a Kobe with a $65-75 BV card. The Metal I would be looking for full BV in trade.
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    Interested in the molten metal. let me know price, or swap for other jordans?

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    interested in the bottom 2. i've got tons of Kobe. Shoot me a pm.


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    Please check my trade list for the bottom two Jordan's. please pm me.

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    Hello all,
    thank you for the interest everyone. I have worked out a trade for the mj's. thank you again!

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