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    Please PM me a price for the entire lot (still left) above.


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    Zetterberg Certified 1/1, and Howard Auto 1/1 have been sold! Still plenty available!

    Kyle and Alexandria

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    Few more have sold and been deleted off of the list! Lots still available, would love to get rid of all of it!

    Kyle and Alexandria

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    Make us an offer! Still lots available, reasonable offers will not be refused! We want to clear out some of this cardboard to make room for items that are needed in the house.

    Kyle and Alexandria

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    Still waiting to hear back from you regarding Parallels, Tough Pull Inserts, Serial Numbered Parallels, and Serial Numbered Inserts.

    Just PM me with a big list of everything you have.



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    Going up on ebay tonight, every last one of them. If anyone has any purchase interests please let us know asap this evening, as I will be listing here shortly.

    Thank you!

    Kyle and Alexandria

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    hey kyle, if you have any howe auto's available lmk
    Goodbye Trading

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    Give me about an hour to go through and make offers on things :)

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