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Thread: Bring me Low #d Cutlers

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    Bring me Low #d Cutlers

    I have kinda started this new collection of low numbered Cutler cards. I'm REALLY looking for cards 1/.... but also need low numbered ones. Maybe 100 or less. Not really looking for patches and autos (although I will look @ and entertain them). Also need this years chrome refractors to complete the rainbow. Anything I already have is in this album. Not much but It's a start

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    I got an 2012 absolute Forte Spectrum out of 50 and Urlacher Hall Worthy out of 100, let me know if our interested

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    What are the front numbers like .../100? Regardless I can prob use the Urlacher

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    I have a 2007 Ultimate Collection Holo Gold #02/10 of Cutler. This card is not even listed in Beckett as they were only issued as a redemption for a complete set. There could very possibly be less than 10 out there with many probably still with the rest of the set. Let me know what you can offer in Vikings.

    Thanks, Drew

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