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    USPS Shipping change for International

    Just letting everyone know. I went to ship a package for Ebay to Canada and got a surprise. I know the postal rates were changing today but shipping international now shows up as costing $6.15. This is the rate for large envelope/package. Im going to the post office tomorrow to talk to them and see what to do. a few cards qualifies as a flat envelope but i dont know if they will process as such. I spent 4 days changing all of my listings to what I thought the International rates would be. I have sold a few international things alread at $3.75 shipping costs. If i cant get this figured out i will loose almost $3 a transaction. Just wanted all of you in the US to be aware as you are making trades and sales.

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    I went to the post office this morning and spoke with someone who wasn't very helpful (no Dave, not Jabba!). He did tell me that as long as something meets the envelope/large envelope requirements, it can be sent as such. This cannot be paid for online, it must be done at the PO. 1oz is $2.05. The absolute max dimensions for one of these is 12 inch by 15 inch, with a max thickness of 3/4 inch. The package must be pretty uniform in thickness and non-rigid, which worries me a bit. I'm not sure if sending this way essentially means that we're sending PWE.

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    On the (somewhat) plus side, sending this way means you do not have to use a customs form. Paying online, I've used the customs tracking number in the past as proof of sending when somebody tells me that they haven't received their package yet. On ebay items, I worry that sending in this way means I'll lose my seller protection if an item goes missing in the mail.

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    ok so the options are to send it that way and have no proof that it was sent or pay $6.15? I dont if Jabba could figure out the cheaper way either. I guess im going to have to change all my listings. thanks for the info

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    alright i went through as i was shipping orders today and made a chart of the new International pricing. Ive only shipped to Canada and Australia but Australia was the same as the rest of the world outside NA.

    Australia Canada
    1-2oz $6.16 $6.16
    3-4oz $8.88 $6.91
    5-8oz $11.48 $7.70
    9-12oz $13.41 $8.24
    13oz-1lb $15.08 $9.50

    Hope this helps when making sales or trades for everybody

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    I see this as a pro and a con, on the plus side for high end items i believe it now includes a tracking number so you no longer have to send registered mail (which to Canada was ~$15) so you actually save some money, on the smaller trades yes it is about double what it use to be (but now includes tracking)

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    I hope it includes tracking, anyway. I shipped some things to Canada on Monday and still have yet to see any information other than the initial scan at my post office. It'll be real nice when they roll this out to other countries, too. I don't need many...Australia would be great.

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