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    Grandson knocked some cards off my desk...

    Give me your player wantlists from 2012 and I'll see what are damaged if you want them. GU and auto's!!

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    Anything I can trade for the Favre GU on your tradesite also interested in the Brady GU

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    Can use any Lions.. Sorry about the mishap but it seems it happens to all of us sooner or later. My kid knocked over a glass of pop on the table when I was sorting out some game used cards and pretty much turned them into coasters. Let me know what you got. Ryan Broyles works...
    looking for Barry Sanders inserts, base, game used and auto's I don't have. Trading with honesty, respect and fairness. BV,TV and SV are not always what a card is worth. bucket: Hidden Content

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    are you guys interested in rc's and inserts too?

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    Any Eagles. Sorry about your cards my boys have done that to mine as well. One time my oldest bite the card, good thing it was a pc card that I would never get rid of. Thanks
    collect any and all eagles and wrs like boldin, fitz, a johnson, and others
    Always looking for vintage action figures too!!! Thundercats MOTU GI Joe Star Wars ect.

    Football bucket -out of date Hidden Content

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