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    One card away from my Master Itg Enshrined set! Lumber completed. Check it out!

    So after almost 2 years, I am now only 1 card away from my MASTER set of ITG's Enshrined. Down to only the Norm Ullman Induction jersey /9. Here are the Lumber cards, 1-49. If you know of where the Ullman induction is or you happen to have one, please shoot me a PM. I will pay in your favour for the card. Also i am interested in any cut autos or Gold autos from this product. Thanks for the look!

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    Very cool set! Nice that it's so limited, too. I hope you find the Ullman quickly!

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    Great looking set! Good luck in finding the Ullman, I'll keep an eye out.

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    Amazing Isaac

    I think that is one of my favorite sets ever. Congrats on getting it done

    Still looking for the Ullman for you
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    Thx for the comments! When its all done i might have a buyer for it all, just not my cuts. not sure its kinda like my baby lol

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    Wow, what a cool set. Good luck getting the last one you need.

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