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Thread: Un-Cancelled Stamps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Autofreak2842 View Post
    I'm just gonna ask the question many on here are wondering, can we ban this ™™™™™™™™™ yet?

    Niels50, I honestly have not see you post 1 success on here. All I've seen you do on here is give people crap for not sharing addresses, find members ebay accounts (a bit weird, imo), then proceed to post said ebay account to their success page, while make rude and snide comments at the member, call people dealers, tell us what's illegal, then proceed to threaten to report said violators of said illegal act. I mean really? Are you in the autograph CIA or something? Are you even a collector or just some idiot who goes around forums starting stuff till you get kicked off?

    As for the re using stamps thing, I honestly I can say I've never done it, out of pure laziness. BUT that doesn't mean I think the people who have done it are at wrong here. Some laws are just stupid (most actually). Niels50, If people want to commit an illegal act, that has no effect on you, who cares? Let them risk getting in trouble. It's not your job to play little 13 year old wanna be deputy, so just stop giving people so much crap on here.

    I'll probably get in trouble, now, for this rant, but I'm sick of your BS on here and I didn't see anyone stepping up and saying anything, so I did.
    Great Job! I hope you don't get in trouble or banned. You did the right thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maravich View Post
    my kid (2 year old) had a pen and wrote on 2 afraid to use those because sometimes when i get my return mail that is how they are canceled.
    Those are worthless now

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