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    Games from many systems FS, Wii System and Balance board for CHEAP!

    No longer available....
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    Could you tell me aliittle more about the Wii Balance Board? Thanks.

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    I guess you didn't get the pm I sent you last week.

    I'm interested in these:

    Used Wii System with the following: $37.50
    (1) System
    All cords needed
    (1) Sensor
    (1) Stand
    (1) Wii Remote
    (1) Nun chuck

    Mario Super Sluggers-$2.50
    Little League World Series Baseball 2008-$.50

    Nintendo DS Used Games:
    Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?-$.75
    Deal or No Deal-$.75
    New Super Mario Bros.-$5
    Brain Age-$.75

    Please let me know the total price including shipping. Could I get a picture of all of these items? Thanks.
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