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Thread: Looking for New York Rangers

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    Looking for New York Rangers

    Hello Everyone,

    While I am currently updating my trade list, I figured I would see what Ranger cards are out there (Especially sicne I haven't opened much 2012-13 stuff. My main focus right now are cards from 05-06 to present. I will consider older stuff, but it would have to be something that gets my attention. Also, the player must be in a rangers jersey. So let me know what you have and what you are looking for. Thanks!

  2. Packrip
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    you might have some interest

    My Wants

    Serial #d cards /25 or less
    HOF(any jsy) or First Liners & Goalies (in current team jsy) serial #d /99 or less
    HOF/Superstar Autos
    Old School Rare Inserts/Box or Case Hits Any Player
    Young Guns of Great Players and High Prospects

    My Photobucket Link ( Work In Progress )
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    For Sale Or Trade ( NHL Teams )
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    Hey Thanks for the message, but I am really only looking for players in a Rangers jersey. Thanks though!

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    Kreider canvas YG looking for BGS graded YGs and ungraded FWAs 1 for 1 trade

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