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Thread: Canucks vs Sharks

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    Canucks vs Sharks

    Sharks with 2 early tallies. Scoring in bunches. 2-0 couple minutes left - 1st Period.

    Make sure you watch the highlights as Ryan Clowe, Clowe-Stomps Kassian. Hits him about 10 times, and knocks him down twice.

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    Then Clowe throws a chank and gets tossed. I don't think he likes the Canucks much. This is now turning into a better rivalry than Chicago/Vancouver.

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    3-4 fights and lots of nastiness. By season's end, this might be the best rivalry in the NHL this year. You can tell the Sharks are dead tired of losing to the Canucks.

    Final Score, Sharks 4, Canucks 1. Sharks 5 and OH now

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    Close sure showed a lot of class...
    Vancouver looked like they didn't care. Schneider played okay, but not great. The only Canucks really going were Burrows and Volpatti. There was no finish on the Canucks last night.

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    Clowe didn't need to act like such a fool. He beat Kassian senseless. He should have gotten a Gordie Gowe Hat Trick after that, instead of acting like a twerp.

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