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Thread: Some Limited and Prime

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    Some Limited and Prime

    Bought my dad a Limited for his B-Day.

    1 Limited and 3 Prime. Not Scanned is a Hodgson Redemption.

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    PM me on the Scheifele and Scrivens. Wicked looking cards you hit there!

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    Some nice hits, by any chance are the Couturier and the Senators available for trade? If so plmk what you are looking for. Thanks

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    Great stuff, PM me if the Alfredsson prime colors is FT (NVM didn't notice that you were the one that pulled it bwalker haha)
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    Interested in the Diaz/Leblanc dual.

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    Please check me for the Scheifele! Thanks!

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    Thanks Guys. Nothing Available right now. unfortunately 3 of the cards are being sent in for replacement. The Dual SENS tops left corner is badly bent, The Killer HABS patches has glue fingerprints on it and the savard is lifted on the corner. All 3 from the same box :/

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