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    Wink Colin Kaepernick FS Must go to a good home ASAP

    Have these two Kaepernick Rookie Jerseys for sale...

    2011 Topps Triple Threads #d/36
    2011 Crown Royale Rookie Royalty #d/299


    Thanks for looking!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 03cobrakid View Post
    pm sent
    Returned... anyone else?

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    was looking for best offer kinda deal... I'd like in the neighborhood for 45-50dlvd for both (averaged last few ebay sales together of each card to reach around that number) so if thats not reasonable feel free to shoot a counter but dunno how much lower Id go... (the last two of the crown Royale gu ended on ebay for around $25dlvd each, and the last two of the Triple threads ended for around $35dlvd each)
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    Both cards have been sold! This thread can be deleted thanks!

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