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Thread: Undertaker 1/1!!!! Must sell!

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    Undertaker 1/1!!!! Must sell!

    Its from 2011 Topps its a black printing plate that I pulled from a hobby box not too long ago... was holding onto it for a bit but decided to try and sell... Looking for a reasonable offer. Thanks



  2. Kronozio
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    bump... Wwe fan- if ya see this I tried responding to your PM, but you need to empty your inbox/storage reached its max and wouldn't let me send... Anyone else?

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    Cleared it please resend
    Collecting mainly football for now.
    Trying to collect Steelers, and the Patriots.

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    Plmk what your looking for on this thanks.
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    Looking for offers on it... Id like to get $87 million but realistically I'm thinking somewhere in the more than $50... but less than $100 range would be fair...

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    PM's also sent and resent.

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    Any takers? No pun intended!

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