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Thread: Places to get jersey framed

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    Places to get jersey framed

    Hi all, i know Michaels etc will frame my jersey, but its like 600+, minus coupon of course, and if you want uv glass etc, well forget it. Never mind that if you want a team pin or team color matting they don't have a clue, and will charge you to get one. i see lots of places online that frame for you, with decent prices. ANyone used any of them? Looking to get some hockey jerseys framed, simple mat and nice frame, maybe a nameplate and team pin. Don't need pucks, photos etc added in. Links or experiences really appreciated. Ive searched a lot, but the i find lots of examples of other sports, no one seems to specialize in hockey, at a decent price! THANKS!!

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    I have used a couple places online to do mine, and they turned out very well. They ran in the $299-399 range.

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    Links to where, and if you have hockey jerseys they framed maybe pics? Thanks

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    Check out They have a website and they are also on ebay.
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    Personally, I have done mine myself and it only ends up costing me like $120 total. Shoot me a PM if you want me to give you the details.
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