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    Links to tradelists, pile added...flu-day

    second day off work with the flu so may as well sneeze on my keyboard. Rookies and autos are up-dated. Too many inserts do list and I am going to work on the bucket (probably need to add 100 jersey cards in there). I am only looking for my wants, no trade-bait. I may sell but am not looking to negotiate. Just shoot your best offer (make sure it is a best offer as there is no negotiating) and if I feel it is fair I will let you know as I am not pricing stuff out and in no way do I need the money so no fire-sales. I will be looking to trade first. If there is a certain player or team you are collecting and you have something I may want lmk and I will shoot a list of stuff that isn't scanned or listed on these links.

    Gonna go drink some juice now and take legal drugs.

    Will Scan on Request

    Link to Auto tradelist

    Link to RC tradelist

    Link to Parallel/Insert Tradelist
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    Quote Originally Posted by GERRYL View Post
    ur rc's link doesn't work
    Thanks bud, should be working now.

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