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    Breaking News: Panini America Cracks First Box of 2012 Prizm Football (Gallery)

    Finally, the week football fans and collectors have been anxiously awaiting for months has arrived -- and we're not necessarily talking about Super Bowl week, either. We're talking about something perhaps even bigger (at least in collecting circles): Prizm release week.

    In three short days, Panini America's 2012 Prizm Football, one of the most anticipated sports card products of this or any other year, will finally be live in hobby shops across North America. The extraordinary secondary-market performance of Prizm's trailblazing basketball counterpart, in concert with the product's much-improved utilization of the popular chromium printing technology, has sent expectations for Prizm Football to seldom-seen heights.
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    yeah looks like finest without the jersey auto and fewer refractors

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    I've watched about 2 cases of this stuff get busted. Nice looking cards, but there is ZERO value in these boxes. At $130/box it just isn't there. 200 different autos=a ton of no names

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