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    International shipping was more than I was willing to pay before the increase.

    -Robert Lewis

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    There's been a lot of discussion about this over in the Hockey Card Talk area - because hockey's obviously the biggest sport north of the border, a lot of folks down in the States are looking for way to make it still a viable enterprise to ship to Canada without having too much of a negative effect on business.

    Most of us that are aware of the recent changes will likely not allow it to affect our purchases. There's ways to work around it - many people have a PO box just across the line that they access once a week or so. Those people will become popular when they pop across the line to collect mail. There's also talk about returning to a PWE system that has added protection so as to protect the cards and allow people to ship at a lower rate. A member in the US has relied upon a reinforced non-machinable PWE method for many years without issue.

    Believe me, and I think I can speak for a good chunk of Canadian NFL fans here, we're none too thrilled about having our access to the football/baseball/basketball card/memorabilia/merchandise market restricted. I've wanted to order some 49ers gear from the NFL Store but they already charge a $15 fee on all Canadian orders, and that's been in place long before this new rate increase. So I have to buy stuff here in Canada, and things are very limited. Hockey everywhere, but only 1-3 football items per store that feature my team.

    Everybody loses with this sort of thing. Best advice I can give is to make the deals "worth" it by upping minimum value requirements for dealing. Set your own threshold for what makes the $7 worth it to you - if that's $50BV trades and up only, so be it. We'll understand.
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