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    Post Randy Moss: I'm greatest WR ever

    Randy Moss wasn't bashful Tuesday when asked about his place in football history, declaring himself the greatest receiver to play the game.

    "Now that I'm older, I do think I'm the greatest receiver to ever do it," Moss said at Super Bowl media day in New Orleans.

    Moss acknowledged that this season with the San Francisco 49ers "has been a down year for me statistically" as was his 2010 season before he retired for a year and his last season with the Oakland Raiders (2006) before his trade to the New England Patriots. He said, however, that he doesn't think statistics should determine greatness.

    "I don't really live on numbers, I really live on impact and what you're able to do out on the field," he said Tuesday. "I really think I'm the greatest receiver to ever play this game."

    Moss, 35, will be a free agent after this season., citing a source familiar with the receiver's thinking, reported Monday that he plans to play at least one more season.
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    The G.O.A.T? Nope. Was he blessed with possibly the best athleticism and potential of any WR ever? Probably.

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    1. Jerry Rice 2. Randy Moss. Both are my favorite receivers of all time. Moss needs to get his ring though.
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    Moss is #2 WHICH IS NOT A BAD THING AT ALL Because NOBODY will touch J. Rice

    Moss is/was/will be amazing though.

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    Moss easily had the most physical tools but easily not the GOAT. Not even close
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    Not. Even. Close.

    Dont get me wrong, he is great, but if he would have even pretended to try, he could have been much better.

    Arrogance is a horrible quality...


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    as much as I don't like his attitude he's right. Rice was great and he has the records and played forever. Rice is the greatest accomplished receiver period. You can't argue with stats. The fact is moss personality doesn't factor in to how great he really is. Moss career isn't over. Has he squandered opportunity? Yes. The truth is everyone is saying he could have been the best if he would have tried for it. The truth is he is the greatest. Simply because he can do whatever he wants on the field whenever he wants. Saying he could be is admitting that he really is. Rice had to do what he did over a span of what, 20 years? Moss could have already broken every major record rice has. Is moss the greatest player as a whole when you factor in personality, work ethic, etc? No. Is he the greatest receiver to step on the field? Yes. He proved repeatedly he was capable of doing more than any other receiver ever has.

    Lawrence Taylor doesn't have the stats that some of the "greatest" lb's in the game have but he's considered the best that ever played. Just because you don't like a guy doesn't mean he isn't the best ever. Barry Sanders I consider the best running back ever other than Walter Peyton. He needed one season to break peytons record after only 9 seasons. He decided to leave the game. I dare anyone to seriously state emmitt smith was greater than Barry Sanders or Walter Peyton. Moss could out perform rice any day all day every day. What he's able to do is something we may never see again.

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    Rice's work ethic + Rice's talent = G.O.A.T.

    Moss' talent + Moss' work ethic = a few great seasons and many sub-par seasons

    I don't rank Moss anywhere near Rice for one simple reason. Having massive talent but settling for less than great makes him a failure in my book. His poor attitude, taking plays off, etc. makes him a failure to me. To have the talent to be an all-time great and settle for just better than most is not what I call success.

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    success and greatness are 2 different things. Rice was a better football player. Rice was more successful. Nobody can refute that. Moss squandered a lot of his greatness. Everyone knows that. Moss settled for less than great play. When he wanted to apply his greatness no one, not even rice, could keep up with him. Nobody could stop him. He proved that. Was he the greatest player? No. Was he the greatest receiver to play the game? Yes. Many have come along with talent and not been able to apply it. Nobody has ever had his talent and applied it to the field. The fact that he didn't apply it every game by choice says 2 things. He's lazy, and he has something no one else ever had. He used it. He didn't use it like everyone thinks he should have including me. I can't stand him as a person. Whether I like his work ethic or not doesn't change the fact that no receiver that played the game has ever been as good as him.

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