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Thread: 2006 Topps question

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    2006 Topps question

    So I'm checking for Marcus Trufant cards and in the 2006 Topps section they have a 2006 base, 2006 SEA9 and a 2006 DAV9 I cant seem to find any info on the DAV #d cards. I checked ebay and comc for topps cards listed with DAV in the numbering and was only able to pull up 3 baseball cards on comc. Any clue what the DAV stands for and where they are from?

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    I checked the inventory manager on here and it doesn't show that card. Just the base and Seattle team set. Not saying it knows all and doesn't have missing cards but what are the other cards Beckett says are in the set? If the other cards in the set can't be found then it could just be a typo on their part.
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    Do you think they are referring to this:

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    Quote Originally Posted by seahawks4ever View Post
    Do you think they are referring to this:

    Dunno of this is the card they are referring to but either way I do not have this.. if it is fs/ft let me know please.

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