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    Post Randy Moss: I'm greatest WR ever

    Randy Moss wasn't bashful Tuesday when asked about his place in football history, declaring himself the greatest receiver to play the game.

    "Now that I'm older, I do think I'm the greatest receiver to ever do it," Moss said at Super Bowl media day in New Orleans.

    Moss acknowledged that this season with the San Francisco 49ers "has been a down year for me statistically" as was his 2010 season before he retired for a year and his last season with the Oakland Raiders (2006) before his trade to the New England Patriots. He said, however, that he doesn't think statistics should determine greatness.

    "I don't really live on numbers, I really live on impact and what you're able to do out on the field," he said Tuesday. "I really think I'm the greatest receiver to ever play this game."

    Moss, 35, will be a free agent after this season., citing a source familiar with the receiver's thinking, reported Monday that he plans to play at least one more season.
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    All I know is that if I were building a team from scratch I wouldn't let him anywhere near my locker room - even in his prime.

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    Sorry, I disagree with Randy Moss. I do not care what one had the chance to do, came close to doing, might have done, tried to do, or could have done. One can insert any term for failure to reach potential that they want. The fact is that greatness is not based on unachieved potential. Instead, greatness is based on actuality. Randy Moss is not the greatest WR, nor will he be. But, to base his greatness on achievements that he did not make is just silly. Has everyone forgot that one gets credit for what one does.

    -Robert Lewis

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    I agree with Randy, you can't just look at numbers. You have to look at the impact he had. Look at what he did to the Raiders! They've never been the same. Or when he shot his way out of New England because he hated winning so much. Then he quit on the Vikings, that had an impact. Fans in Nashville still talk about his magical six-catch 2011 season.
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    I'm not saying Moss is the greatest but when comparing Moss and Rice, Rice's QB's during his prime years was Joe Montana and Steve Young (HOFers) and Moss was who?? Oh the Great Dante Culpepper! I really do think a QB can make some difference. Moss's mouth allowed him to get moved from QB to QB and he still was pretty good. Tom Brady is certainly Mosses best QB but not for that many years. You can't deny the kids was looooaaaaded with talent. Probably wasted a lot and still has HOF numbers but the best ever......... lets see what he does in the next 5 years.

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    Moss's mouth also allowed him to be moved from team to team and many teams having zero interest in him despite his talents. Unfortunately being one of the greats of all time extends beyond talent and he doesn't grasp that. Perhaps if he didn't mail in a few seasons because he didn't feel like playing he would be in the conversation. And one last note, if you really are the greatest you won't need to tell people or argue for it. People will already know and sorry Randy....we don't.

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    Moss is confused when he said he was G.O.A.T. I think he meant G.W.O.T.O.A.L Greatest Waste Of Talent Of All Time. I will take passion and commitment any day over pure raw talent. Rice is the truest form of this never the best at anything just worked hard and made things happen. We will all be laughing at this thread in about 3-5 years Megatron has the tools and the drive to take out Rice as sad as it makes me to say.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pwaldo View Post
    The counter question to that would be if Moss was so great why did the Pats let him go?
    Moss talk his way out was his own fault

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    Everyones got their own opinons, some people don't have a mine of their own and just agree with everyone saying Rice is the best. He is one of the best, but just not THE best. Moss was the most talented WR ever and when he has decent QBS put up monster numbers. As a WR your only as good as the person throwing to you, and you obviously need good blocking. Moss' first 7 seasons stat wise was the best start ever by a WR then he wen to OAK,,, Not arguing he put himself in a few situations and opened his mouth at wrong times. People have a hard time seperating not likeing someone, and admitting there good at the same time. He is the best WR I will ever see no doubt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meandsharon11 View Post
    as much as I don't like his attitude he's right. Rice was great and he has the records and played forever. Rice is the greatest accomplished receiver period. You can't argue with stats. The fact is moss personality doesn't factor in to how great he really is. Moss career isn't over. Has he squandered opportunity? Yes. The truth is everyone is saying he could have been the best if he would have tried for it. The truth is he is the greatest. Simply because he can do whatever he wants on the field whenever he wants. Saying he could be is admitting that he really is. Rice had to do what he did over a span of what, 20 years? Moss could have already broken every major record rice has. Is moss the greatest player as a whole when you factor in personality, work ethic, etc? No. Is he the greatest receiver to step on the field? Yes. He proved repeatedly he was capable of doing more than any other receiver ever has.

    Lawrence Taylor doesn't have the stats that some of the "greatest" lb's in the game have but he's considered the best that ever played. Just because you don't like a guy doesn't mean he isn't the best ever. Barry Sanders I consider the best running back ever other than Walter Peyton. He needed one season to break peytons record after only 9 seasons. He decided to leave the game. I dare anyone to seriously state emmitt smith was greater than Barry Sanders or Walter Peyton. Moss could out perform rice any day all day every day. What he's able to do is something we may never see again.
    I feel your definition of GREATNESS is different. People who are GREAT do not squander opportunity, they seize it. One is not great without overcoming the adversity one faces, and Moss was never one to overcome his own attitude issues.

    I also still feel Emmitt was greater than Barry based on my definition of what I want from my RB. I need a guy who can get me 3 yards when I need it, not lose 3 often. I think its a moot point as Jim Brown can't be touched.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sanfran22 View Post
    But he;s not the greatest. Could have been, possibly, but is not and will not be. Jerry Rice was still productive at 40. Moss is pretty much done at 35. Rice ran routes and went across the middle and got punished for it. Moss ran deep and out jumped guys. It's not even close. Rice has been considered by some to be the greatest NFL player of all time. Never heard moss called that.
    just depends on how you look at it. some call greatness by their stats over their career. but as i said earlier nobody here will say emmitt smith was better than walter peyton or barry sanders. as good as smith was and as "productive" as he was he still wasnt as great as sanders or walter peyton. i understand most just dont like the guy. being honest i dont like him much either. im not defending any way he has played, or lack of play amongst other things. just simply that his stats place him in the #2 collumn behind rice and he did it in far fewer years. taking breaks and taking plays off. once again everyone says the same thing. he COULD have been the greatest. well he is. he just didnt use his greatness to achieve what rice did.

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