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    Quote Originally Posted by knightfam5 View Post
    How much on the Patrick Peterson Autos? I would also be interested in any Cardinals that are numbered to 100 or less.
    Petersons aren't FS...only cards FS were in the link i left in the 1st post:

    AutosPatchesGU FS FT

    and i don't have any SP autos of cardinals...thanks 4 the look.

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    I didn't mean auto's numbered to 100 or less, I meant inserts, gu, parallels, etc...

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    Quote Originally Posted by knightfam5 View Post
    I didn't mean auto's numbered to 100 or less, I meant inserts, gu, parallels, etc...
    I don't have anything for u right now. thanks jeff

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    Quote Originally Posted by pollardo40 View Post
    What do you have on the weeden?
    The only cards FS in my bucket are in this link:

    AutosPatchesGU FS FT

    The Weeden is u have a bucket or trade list for me to check 4 the weeden
    Absolute auto?

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    titus young contenders auto
    aj green absolute dual patch
    vincent brown contenders auto
    jonathan baldwin contenders auto
    josh freeman TTT prime

    Hidden Content

    buying/trading for Andrew Luck topps chrome rc's. pm me if you have any available

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    you have any 49ers autos by chance?
    Bucket: Hidden Content

    Collecting Alshon Jeffery, Old time Bears, HOF autos, and ND players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrs865 View Post
    I have a box full of autos/patches/gu/event-worn cards that is calling for a new home. I still collect cards but need to lighten the load as everyone wants only my best stuff that's a news flash on here. Only looking for paypal and can accept gift or goods. Well here's the link plus a sell list of cards that aren't scanned:

    AutosPatchesGU FS FT


    12' Absolute Brandon Weeden "AFC" RPM 2-clr Patch On-Card auto 16/25
    12' Absolute Lamar Miller War Room Materials "white jersey" auto 22/49
    12' Absolute Cyrus Gray Spectrum Gold Auto 136/299
    03' Absolute Shane Victorino Spectrum Auto 121/ OF for the RedSox
    12' Certified Brandon Pettigrew Mirror Blue Auto 20/49
    11' Gold Standard Quinton Carter "Safety" Rookie Auto 278/499
    11' Prime Signatures Dion Lewis Rookie Auto 40/49 SP
    11' Gold Standard Austin Pettis 2-clr RPA patch Auto

    and many more that i have unscanned that i can give u based upon team or player or year depending upon what ur looking to buy in lots. PM me or reply in the post and i'll get back to u asap in the order of your post or pm. thanks jeff
    Selling......anyone 2day?

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