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Thread: invest in cheap players

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    invest in cheap players

    Okay so i was wondering who are some players you guys think have potential to be great investments and you can buy there autos under $10

  2. #2 know I was going to say this before I even read your signature, but I think Chris Givens potentially has a bright future. AJ Jenkins is also really low right now.

    The problem with 'investments' under $10 is that anyone at that price range is usually hit filler, so products are so full of them that there isn't a ton of upward potential even if they do break out. The only exceptions would be playing the lottery with low round or undrafted skill position players who don't have a lot of cards. But that is pure gambling.

    I also like Harrison Smith, Janoris Jenkins, Morris Claiborne, Mark Barron and some of the other defensive rookies. You can get these cheap and I think a few may pan out quite well.

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    Not under 10, but Mallett, Cousins are just a few that I like.

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    I'd say Jenkins from the Rams is a good pick. He had a really good year. Was a star at Florida before some issues and I'm still surprised his cards don't go for more than what they are.

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    Jenkins and Smith are good investments but Defensive players sell for Jelly Beans unless it is Ray Lewis or a HOF legand A.J. Jenkins has not touched the feild i like this kid Pead in St.Louis since Jackson might be leaving in Free Agency so he might get some Time Same with Lammar Miller but yeah NYgiants i think Chris Givens is gonna be the #1 pretty soon let me know what you think of this

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    Got to agree with Chris Givens and Lamar Miller. With Reggie Bush probably leaving Miami, that leaves an injury prone Daniel Thomas as the #1. More than likely, Miller will see playing time next year. I also like Vick Ballard as his cards are fairly cheap too.

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    Yea you really can't go wrong with the Colt rookies this year. I like T.Y. Hilton and Coby Fleener alot as well. They both have tons of cards and I think they'll do with that team.

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    tj graham will be bust stay away from his cards lol

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    Here is an easy one NOT EGNEW lol. but for real i am gonna invest in some Miller Autos

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    Here is another one...and may be biased because my fandom and I PC the guy, but Rueben Randle.

    He didn't get a ton of playing time given the Giants' wealth of talent at receiver, but having watched every game the guy looked great more often than not. What I love is his size and his knowledge on how to use it. He had some huge catches on balls that looked like sure interceptions by posting up guys and outjumping them.

    He reminds me a lot of Plexico when he was on the Giants. Eli loves throwing the fade and lobs some deep ducks from time to time and while Nicks is servicable for those balls (decent size and great hands), I see Randle even better suited for Eli's passing game. With Nick's inury history, he may get a lot more action in coming years.

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