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Thread: invest in cheap players

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    invest in cheap players

    Okay so i was wondering who are some players you guys think have potential to be great investments and you can buy there autos under $10

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    Backup rookie QBs. Not all will pan out, so you have to do a little homework to see which QB would benefit from the most from the system that drafted them.

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    David Wilson possibly. Anybody else think so?

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    Stevan Ridley ever since Beranrd pollard knocked the mess out of him his stuff has gone down bought afresh an fabric under 10 shipped

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    I haven't watched rueben Randall play, but his draft report was really good. He had similar comparisons to Andre Johnson in many aspects. Big body receiver with good hands and strong. His speed was his biggest problem but with his physicality it makes up for the lack of speed. A lot like anquan Bolden. He wouldn't be a bad one to pick up rcs of.

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    Id say givens, you can basically get his stuff for peanuts. But recently have seen more and more people buying his stuff.

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