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    1 Loaded 2012 Topps Chrome Blaster Box

    Its so rare when i hit an Auto out of blaster box and of course im so glad i got to hit one .

    It was a loaded 1 blaster box

    First are these xfractors

    then the regular refractors

    then the better RC's and Inserts

    then all of a sudden it became colorful

    This was stucked behind the PINK REFRACTOR

    i was short with a couple of refractors but much the same this blaster box is almost equivalent to 1 full hobby box .

    Thanks for Looking ...
    i trade by book , sell by SV and when reasoning fails Common sense should step in
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    trading at all? like the cousins, hightower and the pierce. lmk if you have chrome set needs or cmb
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    Nescit cedere

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    Always nice to pull an autograph from a blaster box of any kind.

    -Robert Lewis
    PSA graded T206 / PSA graded pre-1980 Detroit Tigers
    Detroit Lions / Detroit Pistons / Detroit Redwings / Detroit Tigers
    University of Michigan Wolverines / Memphis State Tigers
    CM Punk / Brian Stann / Bettie Page / Heidi Klum
    autograph, & memorabilia cards!!!

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    Nice pulls, I have been having good luck with blasters lately.

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    great break, I think Pierce is going to have a bright future.


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    Awesome blaster! Then again, I might just be partial because so many of the hits were Ravens.
    Collecting Ravens RCs, GUs, and Autos, and anything related to Deacon Jones.

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    is the hightower for trade? what would you need?
    I collect Eagles and Phillies topps chrome numbered refractors and other topps chrome refractors

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