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Thread: A Few Basketball Players

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    A Few Basketball Players

    I can't find any info on these players. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    Devean George-former Laker
    Glenn Robinson-former first overall pick
    Eric Murdock-former Providence player
    Vin Baker

    Does anyone know if any of these guys even sign ttm?

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    Here is a business address for Devean George:
    1161 Wayzata blvd E #403
    Wayzata Mn 55391

    In all the years he played in LA:
    - I saw TTM returns from him twice.
    - He hated signing autographs in person. He snapped at the graphers all the time. He signed once and he said "All right, get your sh!t out."
    So it'll be like playing the lottery if you send.
    - Andy

    Beckett Basketball Plus Super Collector - Spring '06
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    Wow...I thought he was a decent guy in person. I guess I was wrong. Thanks for the information though, I probably wont be sending to him (not because I might not get it back but I would not enjoy having his auto in my pc if he has that kind of attitude.

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