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Thread: gu cards for trade

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    gu cards for trade

    Cris carter
    2002 playoff pieces of the game football
    2002 fleer maximum xs and os jersey
    2003 flair diecut jersey
    2002 pacific private stock jersey
    keyshawn johnson
    99 playoff ssd team threads jersey
    2001 prism atomic patch variation 3 clr

    would like to trade for racing. i like keselowski and old drivers.

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    Any trade or paypal offers will b accepted if theres any carter or johnson fans

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    Check out my Nascar selection in my bucket.

    Like all the Carters.

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    check me for the Keyshawn's really interested

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    Cris carters gone

    last chance for keyshawn nice patch card

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    Need any of these? Would love the Keyshawn Atomic 3 color patch.

    Hidden Content (Just choose a sub-album.)
    We collect:49ers (especially Frank Gore), multi-colored patches, vintage rookies & stars.
    We do NOT accept PWEs. We do NOT send PayPal gift.

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