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Thread: WWE Fantasy League

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    WWE Fantasy League

    Season I will run from Monday April 1st - August 18th

    First week rosters must be PMed to me by Monday 4/1 @7PM.

    approved - patriotsguy

    The Rules:

    Each team has a cap of 50 Million Dollars each week

    Money not spent the week prior is not allowed to be carried over to the following week.

    All Rosters need to have 5 Wrestlers/Divas

    All rosters must include at least 1 Diva

    All rosters are due by 7pm Monday Night

    Each season will consist of a 4 month period

    You can only use the same wrestler/diva 6 times each season

    More rules to be added later..

    Scoring System

    Appearance= 1 Point(can be multiple times in a night(i.e. promo,match,run in)
    Pinning Win= 3 Points
    Submission Win= 5 Points
    Title defense win= 5 Points
    Title Win= 10 Points
    DQ Win= 2 Points
    Countout win- 2 Points
    Pinning Loss -3 Points
    Submission Loss= -5 Points
    DQ Loss= -2 Points
    Countout Loss- -2 Points
    Title Loss= -10 Points
    Own finisher used in match= 2 Points(Per time done)
    Using opponents finisher in match= 6 Points(can only be applied once a match)
    Using a foreign objoect in match= 2 Points

    Special Event Scoring System

    MITB Win= 10 Points
    Royal Rumble Winner= 15 Points

    Roster Example

    1) The Rock $16M
    2) Cody Rhodes $12M

    3) Justin Gabriel $6M
    4) Seth Rollins $
    5) Alicia Fox $6M

    Total Amount: 48M

    Wrestler/Diva Contract prices to be added later tonight..

    Contract Ammounts:

    AJ Lee $8M
    Aksana $6M
    Albert Del Rio $16M
    Alex Riley $6M
    Alicia Fox $6M
    Antonio Ceasaro(US Champion) $16M
    Big E $8M
    Big Show $12M
    Bo Dallas $6M
    Brie Bella $8M
    Brock Lesnar $16M
    Brodus Clay $10M
    Camacho $6M
    Cameron $8M
    Chris Jericho $12M
    Christian $6M
    C.M. Punk $16M
    Cody Rhodes $12M
    Curt Hawkins $6M
    Damian Sandow $12M
    Daniel Bryan(Tag Champion) $16M
    Darren Young $10M
    David Otunga $6M
    Dean Ambrose $10M
    Dolph Ziggler $16M
    Drew Mcintyre $10M
    Epico $6M
    Evan Bourne $6M
    Ezekiel Jackson $6M
    Fandango $8M
    Great Khali $8M
    Heath Slater $10M
    Hornswoggle $6M
    Hunico $6M
    Jack Swagger $12M
    Jey Uso $6M
    Jimmy Uso $6M
    Jinder Mahal $10M
    John Cena $16M
    JTG $6M
    Justin Gabriel $6M
    Kaitlyn(Womens Champion) $12M
    Kane(Tag Champion) $16M
    Kofi Kingston $10M
    Layla $10M
    Mark Henry $12M
    Michael Mcgillicuty $6M
    The Miz $12M
    Naomi $8M
    Natalya $6M
    Nicki Bella $8M
    Primo $6M
    R Truth $8M
    Randy Orton $12M
    Rey Mysterio $12M
    The Rock(WWE Champion) $16M
    Roman Reigns $10M
    Rosa Mendes $6M
    Ryback $16M
    Santino Marella $6M
    Seth Rollins $10M
    Sheamus $12M
    Sin Cara $6M
    Tamina $6M
    Ted Dibase $6M
    Tensai $10M
    Titus O Neil $10M
    Triple H $16M
    Tyson Kidd $6M
    Undertaker $16M
    Wade Barrett(IC Champion) $16M
    William Regal $6M
    Yoshi Tatsu $6M
    Zack Ryder $6M

    WWE Fantasy League Sign Ups

    1. Kosar19browns
    2. Eagles1fan7
    3. Michigan Man
    4. Namttip
    5. Markell
    6. wweraw2010
    7. Sportscardrage
    8. tblades_17
    9. Eric51
    10. Thrillseeker
    11. earvase
    12. detroittigerfan76
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    If I allowed to join I would definitely try it out.
    RIP Buddy (2004-2016)

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    Id imagine anyone can join. No prize was allowed so its just a free fun thing to do.

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