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Thread: WWE Fantasy League

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    I tried. I was gonna donate a card for the winner. Just isn't allowed. Its lame but whatever. Rules will get posted this week. I'd like for the first week to be the first raw after The Chamber.

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    Isn't allowed? Can't you just PM the winner and send them a card?

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    Nah, Im playing it safe. I get in trouble for the smallest of things around here. Maybe if I pursue my forum later on down the road and ppl actually join things can change, lol.

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    Updated the Rules for the first season of the WWE Fantasy League, and an example of how rosters should be pmed to me. Any questions please contact me.

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    Wrestlers/Divas contract amounts have been added. Rosters can be submitted anytime this week but in order to get the full weeks points for ur roster it must be submitted to me before Raw on Monday night.

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    Hey, I will have to pass on the first season of this competition.
    RIP Buddy (2004-2016)

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    Count me in
    Super collecting brock lesnar also collecting ufc autos an multi color relics red ink autos

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    ok both of you are in please submit a roster by tonight for full week 1 points.

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    So far I have gotten 5 rosters pmed to me. Any others that want full points for this week please submit a roster like its shown on page 1, before raw tonight. Any questions about the league please pm me, thanks.

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