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    Guys, the only cards available are the ones listed. Anything not listed is not available and already gone, thanks

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    thats my bad but did you have any interset int he cards i posted?

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    cjarman, what are you looking at bud?

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    hey waves, do you still have some coins?

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    dx, maybe on the nelson autos, depending. he doesn't move like he used to for me.

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    Check me for the AJ Green. Also have some things unscanned. Thx.
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    whodey, what do you have unscanned sir?

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    I love the aj green booklet, cmb if you could please

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    Quote Originally Posted by wisportsnut77 View Post
    hey waves, do you still have some coins?
    very few. I traded them out in mass a few months ago. I have 6 V-nickels, 6 uncirculated Jeffersons from the 50s/60s, 6 wheat pennies, and a 1911 V Nickel left, as well as a whole bunch of old stamps (like 100). Other than that, the freewebs site I linked you to is completely up to date with what I have to offer. Let me know if we can get something done.
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    Hi i like any of these lmk thanks.

    2008 new york yankees triple threads Berra/DiMaggio/Rizzuto /27
    2011 Gridiron Gear Don Perkins auto #8/30
    2012 triple threads Winfield, murray, mattingly relic /36
    2010 Certified Tony Dorsett FOTG /25
    2012 triple threads curtis granderson /27 lots of pin stripes (what is the card number)

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