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    Bring in your bucs autos, Especially (Chris Simms, Derrick Brooks)

    Looking for bucs autos and patches...really need more simms and derrick a tomlinson auto im willin to front for somethin nice...let me know what yall got, thanks!

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I have Brooks Leaf R&S auto/300 and Clayton reflections auto/rc. whats the LT you have?

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    The LT is a pros and prospects auto / prefer to trade it for one nice bucs card....mainly interested in your brooks, do you collect basketball and baseball as well links?

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    Got these:

    Michael Clayton, Buccs, 2004 Upperdeck SPx RC Jersey AU /1499, $40,00
    Michael Clayton, Buccs, 2004 Sage Hit Q&A Autographs #'ed to 100, #QA14, $40,00
    Michael Clayton, Buccaneers, 2004 Finest RC AU, #115, $30,00


    Looking for:
    Football: Ray Lewis, Russel Wilson & Eagles Auto's, GU's, low #'ed Cards
    Baseball: Mets & Astros Auto's, GU's, low #'ed Cards
    Flickr: Hidden Content
    Everything is available, except for PC

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    I have this Derrick Brooks

    Gridiron Gear 2005 auto #/250

    Nice looking card.

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    check my site and trade list as i have multiple clayton autos, a simms auto, an alstott auto and plenty of jerseys and rc's including lots of caddys. would be interested in trading for the LT. thanks.

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    Who else has me some brooks/simms autos or any bucs autos/patches..let me know!

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