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    Galchenyuk, Gallagher bring promise, excitement to Canadiens

    MONTREAL – When Brendan Gallagher and Alex Galchenyuk both cracked the roster of the Montreal Canadiens this season, it presented the players with an intriguing problem. NHLers will never be accused of being hyper creative in nicknaming their teammates, so having two players nicknamed ‘Gally’ created a vexing dilemma.

    Luckily, they were able to work it out without any gunplay or hard feelings. The way Gallagher sees it, he’s the older guy so he has proprietorial rights to the moniker.
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    Watched the game last night against the Jets. The whole team is playing really well as a team. Nice to have a really good third line. The combination of the two Gallys and Prust! I really hope that PK buys into the team first philosophy. If he does, I think the HABS will be even better!

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    There are going to be a lot of very excited RC collectors in Montreal next season because of these two. They have been great.

    The enthusiasm that they both bring is infectious - I don't I've ever seen a shot of Gallagher where he's not smiling like he's living the dream.
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    That Prust steal by the Habs was larceny.

    That kid has nice soft hands and a touch around the net. I am still mad at Ken Holland for by-passing Prust for the Red Wings and taking that idiotic Tootoo who doesn't get more than one shift per game.

    Prust is talented enough to be a Power Forward like Shanahan and Roenick, he certainly has the hands for it. The Habs have an exciting, non-expensive team that will be a pain in the backside for many other teams this season and years to come.

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    Yeah finally we see some light in the tunel. A strong goaltender. Strong players at the defense and P.K. is now signed. Then those two producing goals. With a short season, everything is possible. More so when you see everything come togheter. Let's just hope that we will not loose key players. I should be a interesting season for fans.
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    I like the lineup they have right now. Obviously it would be nice to have a big centre like Malkin...but I do not think that is going to happen any time soon. Nice to see that all four lines can score. Disappointed with Eller...he is not playing like I hoped he would have. With Patches being out, this should be his chance to grab but he is not taking it.

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    A slight hiccup in Ottawa. Habs get pasted by the Sens 5-1

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    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post

    A slight hiccup in Ottawa. Habs get pasted by the Sens 5-1
    Let's hope it is just a "hiccup"!
    The Habs were fine until that second period. (White is probably going to have a little talk with the coach.)
    Anderson also played a great game...stopped some shots that should have been goals.

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