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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob PBS View Post
    Don't goalies just have to be on the bench to get a card?
    Yup. And I just checked Score and he's in there so he's one of the 48 players that debuted last year. Must have sat the bench for a game late last year.

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    wonder what the Private Signings checklist will be

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolHandLuke View Post
    I think he was a back up but don't they have to play to get a NHL card? I guess it was enough since all other made a rookie of him...
    After Price's concussion was diagnosed, Mayer was called up to act as the backup goalie for the final three games of the year. That's all one needs. A buddy of mine actually has a pretty sweet collection put together that includes most of the 1/1's out there this year.
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    Nice job on the Limited Travels. Reminds me of the ITG Ultimate Journey Jerseys cards.

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