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Thread: 2013 IP Successes

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    2013 IP Successes

    Its been a real busy start to the 2013 year but ill going to try to keep this up to date as much as possible

    started off the new year with a high school basketball event
    4/4 Andrew Wiggins 8x10's had some help with this
    0/1 Jabari Parker refused to sign for everyone that wasnt under the age of 8 pretty much
    5/5 Aaron Gordon 4x6's
    3/3 Noah Vonleh 8x10's
    3/5 Kasey Hill 8x10's
    3/3 Dakari Johnson 4x6's
    3/3 Wayne Selden 8x10's

    those are the big names there were many more players that i got on 8x10's and 4x6's but it would take way to long to list them all

    this past weekend was the ahl all star game in Providence RI i did great there it was a great event didnt make anything for the eastern team since i see all of them throughout the year i was more worried about the west but i was able to get my photo with every single player. here are my successes

    Adam Clendening 4/4
    Jamie Oleksiak 4/4
    Brayden McNabb 4/4
    Andrew Agozzino 3/3
    Quintin Laing 3/3
    Ryan Hamilton 3/3
    Gustav Nyquist 6/6
    Chad Billins 3/3
    Mark Cundari 2/2
    Jason Zucker 5/5
    Kevin Porter 3/3
    Matt Fraser 3/3
    Mark Arcobello 2/2
    Brad Hunt 4/4
    Drew Shore 5/5
    Martin St. Pierre 3/3
    Gabriel Dumont 8/8
    Mike Sgarbossa 3/3
    Michal Jordan 4/4
    Victor Bartley 4/4

    as for other people i got
    Jim Morrison 2/2
    Tom Fitzgerald 7/7
    Ken Gernander 2/2
    Luke Richarson 4/4

    I also got every player for the west and east to sign my program that they were all profiled on the inside for.

    After the game I was able to get a spot down by where the West players went into the locker room and was able to get a Brad Hunt game used stick that he signed for me as well. He was one of the nicest guys i have every met.

    Well that is all for this post thank your for reading.

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    Nice stuff! Love the HS bball successes. I'm surprised Jabari snubbed you. I got him twice at an event in MN, last spring, Got him one on one both times, maybe that helped. I wish I would of gotten Wiggins that weekend, but I didn't even try. I also have quite a bit of stuff from 2014 #1 player Tyus Jones, as for I live in the same town as him and only a block away from his school.

    Hope to see more sweet successes from you, soon.

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    ya i heard ever since jabari has been on si hes been hard to get but i had gotten him last year so im not to worried about it. thank you and would be interested in doing a 50/50 with tyus?

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    Last night i also went out to the Springfield Armor game to get the Tulsa 66ers its there only time coming into town this year heres what i got

    1/1 Ron Anderson
    4/12 Rasual Butler
    1/1 Travis Hyman
    5/5 Chris Quinn
    4/4 Andy Rautins
    1/1 Hollis Thompson

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    went down to get the rio grande valley vipers heres what i got

    kyle fogg 1/1
    andrew goudelock 2/2
    terrel harris 1/1
    scott machado 5/5
    vernon macklin 1/1
    toure murry 1/1
    tim ohlbrecht 2/2
    glen rice jr 2/2
    maalik wayns 2/2
    hassan whiteside 3/3
    wesley witherspoon 2/2
    doug west 2/2
    terrence jones 0/4 refused to sign before the game he said after the game then after the game went out a different door then the rest of the team

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    Too bad Royce White isn't with the Vipers yet. He has a lot of potential, if he can get through his disorder. I'm hoping he'll be up in Minnesota this summer (where he's from), so I can get him for my Minnesota Mr. Basketball collection.

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    ya i wish white was there too

    Went down to the falcons game today went before just to get one guy

    1/1 Ryan Johansen on a stick he game me after a game earlier in the year

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    went to the bruins game vs the rangers and stopped off for an hour to try to get some of the rangers before the game wasnt the best but i wasnt expecting much and im happy with what i got so here it is

    1/1 Martin Biron
    1/1 Derek Stepan
    1/1 Marian Gaborik
    1/1 Ryan Callahan

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    You got Gabby at least! That's awesome! I met him here in MN when he played for the Wild. He's still one of my favorites. Congrats!

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