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    From Russia with love! Mini WHALE came today

    Hello! Im very excited today as this card ive been looking for ,for 2 years popped up.As some of you may know,im trying to find all the nameplates of HOF players i can.Ive got a nice collection so far.If i remember correctly, 5 of these tretiaks were on ebay with 2 weeks of enshrined going live,all of them had wayyy to high of BIN's.I didnt think they would all sell, and of course they did for crazy amounts.I know 3 went to russian collectors right away to be stored in a PC for ever.I havnt seen one since. A few days ago i did a random enshrined search and found this one,it had been listed for 14 minutes.I was in shock the seller did not want more than he did as a BIN and i quickly paid for the card. So here it is, Vladislav Tretiak 1/1 from a jersey while playing with the Soviet Union. Thanks for the look!
    Looking for rare guy lafleur items, and HOF game used nameplates.
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    I love how unlike other Nameplates the letter doesn't pop out, congrats!!

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    That's just insane-o man............

    Does it smell like communism???

    PS after looking at your bucket I've finally figured out which Superlative autos I'm missing, thanks eh!
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    All Keslers All The Time

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    Glad that card came a "Russian" to your house lol....all joking of the best Nameplates I have seen!! Congrats!!!!

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    Awesome card. Congratulations on picking it up.
    Most Wanted: 1998-99 O-Pee-Chee Chrome Refractor 127 Ulf Samuelsson,
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    That's an amazing acquisition. Congrats to you!
    Carey Price fan and collector!
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    2017-18 Habs Collections: Carey Price, Shea Weber, Max Pacioretty, and Jonathan Drouin

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    What an amazing piece of history. Congrats on the huge addition
    WTTF :
    Erik Karlsson/Marian Hossa/Billy Smith/Curtis Lazar Rookies

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