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    Finally finished! A whale crossed off my list

    Had the L slip out of my hands back in the beginning of December on Ebay, was pretty upset about it but knew another would pop up! Luckily a great member on here contacted me saying they had one and it was an easy transaction and extremly quick shipping that helps me complete his Letterman nameplate!

    Now i just need to figure out how im going to display it! I got some great tips from some members over the past few days but im not too handy a person, would really love to make an amazing display for it.

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    Amazing job finishing the nameplate! Looks fantastic in your sig :)
    Good luck on displaying it, be sure to take a pic when it's finished on display!

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    Shadow box would rock that.
    with LED lighting inside. (wouldn't hurt the cards either).
    Congratulations very cool set.
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    Congratulations on completing your nameplate.
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