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Thread: 90% silver coins FS

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    90% silver coins FS

    Have a few coins here for sale. I have four half dollars a 1962 Franklin, 1963 Franklin, 1944,45 Walking Libertys. Also I have 6 Rossevelt dimes of various years. Coins appear to be in VG shape. I must admit I know very little of condition grading on these other then they would be circulated and they are not in bad shape AT ALL. I have scans if anyone is interested I can supply you with links.

    ***********STILL HAVE THE TWO FRANKLINS***********
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    Feel free to PM me links ... I may be interested. Are you selling only or is a trade possible as well?

    thanks in advance...

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    PM sent I forgot the links but they are now uploaded onto my front page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eskimokissers View Post
    How much are you asking for all of them?

    looking for 70 dlvd for the lot.

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