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Thread: Auto/gu lot fs!!

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    Auto/gu lot fs!!

    I want to move a lot of 300 auto and game used.... All nba. No sage/press pass and such.... $275 today only. I don't collect basketball and have no shows. Pm with interest. Thanks!!
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    Don't have pics of all the cards. Not looking to spend that much time on them just want to get rid of them. All nba stuff

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    What about an idea of % of autos vs GU? Any patches? And a partial list of some player names. Thanks

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    id say about a 65/35 jersey to auto..i grabbed the first 100 or so...has bigger brands...finest/sterling/spx/bowman chrome au/ultimate...and such along with the regualr ud stuff.some multi player stuff....a few dual color cards the names i know....grant hill, marbury...but I honestly havent followed basketball since tghe days of jordan and pippen.
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    Don't have either currently... Hence the under $1 a card price. Just want to move the stuff

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