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Thread: Looking to trade for these

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    Looking to trade for these

    Looking for these sets :

    Private Signings (All the ones not PC/Incoming on my list)

    11-12 Pinnacle (All I don't have yet ... RC, Autos, Jerseys/Patch/Prime)

    11-12 Titanium
    New Wave Auto
    Reserve Auto
    Draft Day Auto
    Dual Game-Gear
    True RC

    11-12 Contenders

    The Cup
    Patch Auto (Looking for good players/patch)

    Tradebait, if you see something you need in my list and don't have anything I need, LMK and we might be able to work a deal for some tradebait.

    PM works best.

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    I have a Pinnacle City Lights Jersey (either Henrik or Daniel Sedin) and a few Titanium Game Gears in there.
    Will PM you a list of them later when I get home unless you check buckets.

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    I'm looking for 11-12 Pinnacle, that's a 10-11 unless it's not the same I think. As for the Game Gear, I can check bucket when I get home. But you can send me the list if you have time. Thanks

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    you def. have some stuff i can use, check my list and let me know if you see anything
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    Do you have a list of game gear and dual game gear you need?
    Hidden Content Wants: Any GU net cards, GU all star jsy, Int'l jsy, Capt C jersey and patch cards. Want Top shelf Goalie Gear:Osgood (skate)!
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    I have an excel file, if you can list me the ones you have, I will let you know if I need it.

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    Alright here's a list of what I have for you

    11-12 pinnacle

    Rcs: Josi, faulk, weircioch, greening, sateri, macenaur

    Rink collection base: horcoff, wisniewski

    Canvas creations: Malkin

    Breakthrough: jvr, skinner, kesler, MacArthur

    Foundations: getzlaf/fowler

    Threads: Elias

    Game night: gaborik prime /30

    Auto: couterier rc auto

    Oh and I have gwg of bonino
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