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Thread: Heat vs MY NETS! @ 8pm EST!...

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    Heat vs MY NETS! @ 8pm EST!...

    Thoughts on the game tonight! Finally the Nets get some national air time!

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    Brooklyn needs this win tonight to help New York Knicks get closer to the Heat. I hope Joe Johnson has a huge game to help me out on my fantasy team...

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    hey man, do you collect nets stuff?
    I have some cool stuff fs or ft for AI

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    according to Reggie Evans, it's just another game. He is apparenly unimpressed by the "champs" since they won in a shortened season... and "LeBron is no different from Joe Johnson or Andray Blatche" LOL

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    Go Norris Cole!!! lol seriously I'm a fan :)

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    somebody better remind that reggie guy who KING JAMES IS!

    The dude with nearly a triple double...again

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