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    Big mail week and shop trade (for me at least) - Payton, Fridge, and Frenchy Fuqua!

    I'll bore everyone with my new Kordell additions. Picked up over 40 I needed but these are the better ones.

    Then we have some auto's for the PC. Finally got myself a Ryan (thanks to the Sportsroom at Mitchells for the trade!). He's gonna get it done one of these years, right? The Fuqua is just sweet.

    And finally the last three cards I needed to finish off the Hashmarks set from about 12 years ago. Took a while but at least I finished it!!

    Anyway, thanks for looking!!

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    Nice pick ups! Those hashmark cards are pretty cool!


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    Great looking pickups, never seen the Hashmarks cards before!

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    They're kinda cheesy but several are from the old Three Rivers Stadium and the players they choose are pretty good. Gonna get them all together and post the set. Thanks for looking.

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    Very cool additions! I pondered starting a Kordell PC a few months ago. Liked him a lot when I was a kid watching the Steelers when I could.
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    I started him when I started collecting cards again and am still going. You ever decide to go for a Kordell PC, let me know. I have several hundred extras that I am still looking for a home go to. Oh, and cheap too.

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    Love the Hashmarks and the Frenchy.
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