I've been sitting on this comic collection for a while. Not sure of the value but I'll list a few below and if any interests you then I'll go further into detail!

Rise Of The Midnight Sons - Morbius #1 "Special Collectors Item Issue"
Superman In Action Comics #739 Superman In Chains
Superman Invasion First Strike! Extra! #26
1988 Hard Times! Flash #17
X-Men Adventures #11
1994 X-Men Classic Rachel...Ascendant #100
Illuminator #2
Ultraverse The Strangers #1
1980 Shogun Warriors #16
1984 Kitty Pryde and Wolverine #1 "#1 in a six-issue limited series"
Cyberspace 3000 #4
1993 Silver Surfer #6 - Introducing Legacy "64 Page Annual 'New Character Trading Card Inside'"
1990 Namor #2 'Out Of His Element'
Justice League Adventures #8 Moon Madness
1988 Justice League International #10 "Millenium Week 5"
1991 Justice League International Special Featuring The Huntress #2
Action Comics Weekly #640
X-Man - The Age of Apocalypse Begins Now! #1

All of the above are bagged and boarded. They all look practically flawless. Dozens more bagged and boarded from DC, Marvel and other random comics. Scans available upon request. Below comics are not bagged and boarded, and are in a little worse shape than the others.

A few dozen smaller sized comics from the Archie Library or series.
Web of Spiderman #82
Green Lantern #7
A bunch of Unknown Soldiers and Srgt. Rock from the early and mid 80's. Original prices on these range from $0.30-$0.75
And many moree

If any of this seems interesting or you think I may have something you like, then please let me know and we can get something done! I'm looking for football or baseball cards, or coins! I'd also be willing to sell! Please consider shipping costs on my end if you decided to get a lot, whether trade or sale! Thanks!!