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Thread: Looking to buy hockey singles

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    Looking to buy hockey singles

    Hello, I'm from canada. Looking to buy hockey singles to complete sets prior to 1990.
    Is there a site like COMC based in Canada, it's just when I am buying these cards (I wanted 20 or 30 at a time) I dont want to pay duty for them going over the border.
    I would buy off ebay, but it looks like I can mostly buy just 1 card at a time, and that can get expensive for shipping.
    Actually, I don't know whether COMC is from all different people.
    There was a site I was on that had pretty much every topps baseball set, and it was the same person, like for example he had 2 or 3 of some card. Like If I was looking to complete 1978 topps baseball, he had pretty much all the cards to buy, etc. I forget what site it was. I saw one for hockey but the cards were from the states.

    Is there a site based in Canada, if which I can buy a bunch of cards. I don't want to pay duty etc, also not wanting to trade, just buy.
    thanks in advanced.

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    When you say pre-1990, do you mean 1970's & 80's? Or really everything pre 90's like 1910-1990?


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    Thanks for replying... This would be for anywhere from the late 70's to the late 80's.
    like for instance I am missing about 20 cards from 1982-83 OPC etc...

    The site I was looking at was cool, because each condition was there... I would be looking at VG - EX, as it's cheaper.
    Like the person would have $1.75 for an ex-mint card, and 0.50 for a VG card, if they had two of one card, etc. and they had pretty well all of the cards.

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    Hmm I'm not familiar with the site, but I know Sportlots has a massive amount of singles. Although I'm not sure if they have pre 90s stuff. Give it a try if you'd like and search for what you need!

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    I wish I had news for you, but as far as I know, there aren't any 'Canadian' sites like that. The major retail sites for buying online are:
    Beckett marketplace

    But those guys are all primarily USA based.

    After that, you have the independents, some of whom have large collections, but I don't know anyone who lists all their singles and conditions and prices online. Some guys in Canada that you might want to try out are parallel dave, or Gamebreakers. Basically, try hitting up card shops that haven't yet gone digital in Canada. Very lean market for what you want, as far as I know.

    GL & Cheers,

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