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    Buying cases

    So I've never purchased a case and have always wanted to. I've actually only busted 1 2010 chrome, 5 2010 limited, and 4 2010 Spx (all hobby) and thats the extent of my box busting career. Granted I've busted a few blasters but those are "gimmes". Now Im looking to purchase a case of something coming up and wanted to get thoughts on production and correlation. I've seen so many cases busted on blogtv, and read cases being busted on here and some of the cases are just horrible and that is upon immediate release to about 1 month old, but Ive also seen some descent ones busted during the 1 month window time frame as well. But then like 3-6 months down the road I see cases being busted of the same product and the case is just overall better for what is pulled. Is that generally how it is? Is it best to wait or buy the case upon immediately release? Now I know that cards are generally hotter upon immediately release but resell isnt exactly what Im after, Im mainly just wondering the best time frame for which to purchase a case from that will warrant better overall pulls. Thanks for your time and thoughts.

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    I've noticed that almost all of the superfractor/ really low numbered refractor autos are pulled earlier rather than later. This may not be true, but it certainly seems this way each year.

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    If you are looking to trade or resell then it is a must to preorder and probably get 1 day shipping since everyone wants the new shiny product and the 1st few on ebay go for the most. If you are looking to PC most of your purchase then I would wait the 3-6 months because the price of the product will most likely plummet and you will probably pull better cards from your case. Plus you can watch many cases being broken and get a good feel on chances of hitting your fave players autos/mem in the product...not only that but by that time maybe the redemption signer will be ready to sign his cards.

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    yeah supers ususally come out early. if you're looking for overall better stuff in a case then its ususally 1-2 months after its been released. just seems to work out that way, but then again you never know. i wouldnt wait for 6 months cause most of the product will be dry. best i could say is find a particular product you like. then just go with that. even if you dont get anything great you will still get some decent hits and if its nice product you feel more vindicated for your purchase.

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