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    Pack 10:

    Rockets Team Card Barkley/Hakeem/Drexler #376
    Sonics Team Kemp #391
    Antonio Lang #224
    Todd Fuller RC #244 (geez)
    Derek Fisher RC #269 (that's better)
    Lorenzen Wright RC #265 (wow, three rookies in one pack)
    Lionel Simmons #323
    Kemp #333
    Elliott/Brandon/Payton Minis again
    Ray Allen/Scott Burrell/Clifford Robinson Minis (yay for Allen - wish he was with other rookies than fellow UConn players, though)

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    Pack 11:

    Miller/Wright Checklist again
    Muresan Bullets Team Card #395
    Todd Fuller RC again
    Cherokee Parks again
    Stick-Ums John Starks
    Dickey Simpkins #217
    Stick-Ums Base Card Antonio McDyess #B7
    Horace Grant #298
    Minis Ewing/Mourning/Mutombo again
    Minis P.J. Brown/Antonio Davis/Brian Shaw

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    Pack 12 (final pack - decent rookie, please):

    One on One Joe Smith/Kemp #358
    Checklist #400 MJ/Penny
    Sarunas Marciulionis #235
    Vlade again
    Jon Koncak #299
    Dale Davis #255
    Malik Sealy #263
    George McCloud #230
    Smits/Hakeem/Muresan Mini again
    Otis Thorpe/John Stockton/Antoine Carr Mini

    Brutal break for the rookies, but the Kobe Mini helped, the Gold Crash the Game was unexpected, and I got several MJs. Not bad for less than a pack price of Totally Certified.

    LMK if you want anything. I will be out of town for a few days, but I should be back Monday.

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    lmk what u need for Rockets Team Card Barkley/Hakeem/Drexler #376

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    You could just send me a random low end RC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DunkingDurant35 View Post
    You could just send me a random low end RC.
    post it up, PWE I take it?

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    One deal done - anyone else?

    I decided today I will go for the series two set, along with the Minis set. I have the Crash inserts for trade, as well as the Kobe mini, and doubles of the Minis and rookies I got (and base, although I don't list those in my inventory). If the base Stick-Ums get added (not the Stick-Ums themselves - I'll probably paste those somewhere in my house), I'll list those up for trade as well.

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